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club sports council

the club sports council is an organization that serves as an administrative body within the club sports program that works by:

  • acting on behalf of all club sports in addressing issues that affect the operation of individual clubs, and is vested with authority to make decisions and/or recommendations

  • conducting hearings as necessary regarding infractions/violations of the code of conduct from club sports by individuals or clubs, and recommends any disciplinary action be taken 

  • contributing in the decision for any student organization wishing to be considered a club sport

  • providing guidance or recommendations to individual club sports, officers, or members in regards to specific club sport issues or concerns

to be a member of the club sports council, the student must be a member of a club sport and complete the application process in the fall. an interested student does not have to be a club officer. new members are then added to the council as needed, via a board vote.

the club sports council meets once a month and keeps in constant communication with all club sports about various activities. all council members are required to attend each meeting and give a report or updates that contribute to current council projects.

2017–18 club sports council members 

  • hansen mou (air rifle)

  • carly duffy (sailing)

  • connor bosek (golf)

  • emily devito (softball)

  • reed cawthon (men's soccer)

  • courtney deaton (swimming)

  • bailey crenshaw (shotgun)

  • adam schwartz (men's volleyball)