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the clemson university libraries serve as the portal to scholarly information and discovery. with electronic access to thousands of journals and books, growing digital media collections, printed materials, maps and audio/visual recordings, the library provides access to collections that support research, innovation and learning.

cooper library

r.m. cooper library, clemson’s main library, receives an average of 8,000 visitors a day. it houses large collaborative study spaces, quiet study areas, a coffee shop and convenience store, group study rooms and the largest computer lab on campus. library faculty and staff connect the university community with library resources and services they need to succeed in their learning, teaching and research.

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gunnin architecture library

the gunnin architecture library in lee hall holds specialized collections related to architecture, fine arts, design and building disciplines as well as study and group meeting space.

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special collections library

located in the strom thurmond institute, the special collections library is home to clemson’s treasures of rare books, archival manuscript collections and official university archives.

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library depot

the library depot is home to digital scanning processes, library support operations, advanced storage of legacy print collections, and university records management. located at the clemson research park and advanced materials center, it provides convenient and regular delivery of materials to and from campus.

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education media center

the education media center, 212 tillman hall, is a curriculum laboratory and materials center. all services and resources are focused on hands-on, classroom-based learning to prepare teachers, counselors, educational leaders, and training and development specialists for various learning environments.

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did you know

the clemson libraries have access to more than 100,000 ebook titles.


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