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leaders of tomorrow

now that you're a clemson graduate student, you've earned access to an array of university and grad school resources and services. whether you're newly accepted, prepping for graduation, or anywhere in between, the graduate school invites you to use the students section of our website as a convenient portal for information.    


grad 360 professional development

professional development

through the grad 360° program, the clemson university graduate school (in conjunction with other institutional entities) provides comprehensive resources dedicated to educating and developing the necessary skills for future professionals and leaders in the global economy.

grad 360° will provide trainees with a structured way to develop and track their proficiency in the academic, personal, and professional focus areas known as "the tiger 9." each trainee's development program can be tailored to meet their unique needs and interests. trainees can:

  • identify their interests, skills, and values throughout their clemson experience;
  • engage their advisors in holistic advising and mentoring;
  • acquire and develop specific skills necessary for postgraduate professional practice; and
  • track their transformation by recording their experience in an online portfolio.
graduate programs pages

graduate programs

check out our list of over 100 graduate degree programs to find the one that matches your academic goals. clemson's graduate school offers an array of doctoral, masters, specialist's, and certificate programs across 66 disciplines. our list of online program offerings continues to grow.

graduate student government

graduate student government

the clemson university graduate student government (cgsg) is the official representative body of our graduate students. the goals of cgsg are to increase student involvement, enhance educational opportunities for all graduate students thorough collaboration and professional development, and to provide opportunities for graduate students to succeed both academically and professionally. gsg invites you to participate, represent, communicate via its executive and legislative branches and various committees on the main campus, or in the greenville council.

graduate student resource guide

resource guide

the clemson university graduate student guidebook, published and maintained by the office of student affairs and linked at their graduate student life student services web page, is the official resource for new graduate students looking to ease the transition to both clemson university and life as a graduate student. in this book, you’ll learn the rich history and traditions that make clemson a top-25 school and about the different aspects of student life here at clemson.

graduate student orientation

required orientations

all new degree-seeking graduate students are required to attend new graduate student orientation. general orientation information will be posted on our graduate orientation web page, as well as on the office of student affairs' student transitions and family programs page.

thesis and dissertation

theses and dissertations

access our theses & dissertations section and download your clemson university thesis or dissertation: guidelines, tips & tools, a step-by-step pdf guide that walks you through the manuscript process. the formatting guidelines have not changed, but the guidebook, new for spring 2018, provides a compact and convenient way to access them.

clemson graduate school tuition and fees

tuition and fees

while you can't put a price on knowledge, it is good to know the costs associated with your program.


register for classes

use the iroar portal to register for classes and so much more!