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graduate school, clemson university, south carolina

post-doc association

the clemson post-doc assocation was established in september 2014 as an organization to connect and unify the clemson university population of post-doctoral scholars.

to contact the cupda:

you can find the 2015 cupda newsletter here.

monthly meeting minutes.

the seventh annual celebration of national postdoc appreciation week (npaw) will be held september 18-22, 2017! if you would like more information, you may visit their website or email cupda.
click here for more details about national postdoc appreciation week (npaw) dinner.

elected officers for july 2017 - june 2018 period

  • president: dr. steven pellizzeri, dept. of chemical engineering
  • vice president: dr. sam lukubira, dept. of chemical engineering
  • treasurer: dr. prakash sanjeevi, dept. of biological sciences
  • secretary: dr. tiffany pellizzeri, dept. of chemistry
  • liaison to the office of postdoctoral affairs: vera bin san chan, dept. of biological sciences

view by-laws here

clemson university college of engineering & science is a proud sustaining member of the national post-doc association.

to join the clemson universitiy npa community, please follow these membership directions.

please check back frequently for more information about the clemson post-doc association.