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landscape architecture


the a.line.ments studio was established in 2006 to offer opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students to engage in service-learning projects, to provide research opportunities for faculty and needed services to communities.

poe mill project meeting

the very nature of the planning and landscape architecture profession is multidisciplinary. so it is imperative for our students to understand the relationships of experts in fields such as forestry, sociology, historic preservation, engineering, architecture, tourism, and finance (to name only a few.) projects are sought that have interdisciplinary potential for all of the concentrations within the school of planning, development, preservation and landscape architecture and with other related disciplines in the university. the studio allows great flexibility for project work that is not tied to an academic calendar or curricular demands. it allows us to offer creative inquiry projects, those with an undergraduate long-term research component, and with the "staff" of student designers, we have been able to expand our service-learning to a greater number of students and communities.

in its inaugural year, projects included a park and greenway master plan for the community of little mountain, sc; a redesign of michelin's advanced research campus in greenville; an interpretive installation at a historic church in pickens courthouse, sc; a regional assessment and design suggestions for the oscar wiggington scenic by-way (in conjunction with the u. s. forest service); a design for a fully-accessible park for the burton center, a non-profit agency that serves a population of people with mental and physical disabilities; and a master plan for the lake conestee foundation in greenville, sc. since then more than 30 projects have been completed involving more than 300 students.

winner of south carolina
commission on higher education award 2010

truly, it takes a team effort to win major community development grants. but without a good plan in place, implementation could not become a reality. the a.line.ments studio from clemson university made this possible with diligent hard work, effective deliverables, and by developing a good relationship with staff.
dan powell, greenville county planning office, fountain inn

these service learning classes help break down the students’ preconceptions and prejudices against unfamiliar communities and often help disparate communities find common ground to build upon.
aaron bowman, m.arch, 2008

as i transition from student to design professional, i find myself confident in many of the skills necessary to be a professional that have been honed through the a.line.ments studio. i feel i have an advantage over others in a similar position because of my a.line.ments experience. in fact, my a.line.ment studio experience has opened doors in my professional life; for me, an a.line.ments studio project has turned into an exciting and fulfilling job!
jennifer johnson, m.l.a. 2009